Technical foundations

Research articles

Tveskaeg's NMR technology is discussed in a number of research articles. A selection of articles are available to download below.

Nitrogen Emission from Livestock Housings Quantified Combining a Mass-Balance Model and Low-Field NMR Sensoring
(ACS Agricultural Science & Technology, 2023)
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Online Monitoring of Boron & Lithium
(Vattenfall Poster 2022)
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On-Site Measurement of Fat and Protein Contents in Milk Using Mobile NMR Technology
(Molecules,, 2022)
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Quantification of protein and phosphorus in livestock feed using mobile NMR sensor technology
(Biosystem engineering,, 2022)
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Fast and Accurate Quantification of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Constituents in Animal Slurries Using NMR Sensor Technology
(ACS Omega, 2021)
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Low-Field NMR Sensor Technology for Agricultural Applications
(Nanonord, by Prof. Nielsen, 2019)
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Low-Field NMR Sensor for Industrial Applications
(Nanonord, by Prof. Nielsen, 2019)
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Fast Wide-Line Solid-State NMR on a Low-Cost Benchtop Spectrometer
(ChemPhysChem 22/2018)
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NMR Sensor for Onboard Ship Detection of Catalytic Fines in Marine Fuel Oils
(Analytical Chemistry, 2015)
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NPK NMR Sensor: Online Monitoring of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in Animal Slurry
(Analytical Chemistry, 2015)
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Natural abundant O NMR in a 1.5-T Halbach magnet
(Oxygen MRC,, 2014)
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Onboard Fuel Oil Cleaning, the ever neglected process How to restrain increasing Cat-fine damages in two-stroke Marine Engines
(CIMAC, 2013)
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