Tveskaeg Benchtop

Take control of your analytical processes with the Tveskaeg Benchtop NMR Analyzer. Built on over two decades of cutting-edge R&D, it offers unmatched accuracy and reliability across a broad spectrum of isotopes and molecules. Utilizing revolutionary 1-70 MHz multi-frequency magnetic resonance technology, Tveskaeg Benchtop sets a new standard for easy, maintenance-free measurements, accurately measuring the concentration of virtually any target molecule or compound at the atomic level.

Reliable and Cost Effective Solution

Since magnetic resonance is a wireless technology, no consumables are used, and the sensor probe never touches the media. These features make Tveskaeg Benchtop a reliable and cost-effective solution. With its newly redesigned user interface, anyone can operate the equipment without instructions or supervision. Additionally, the intuitive sample mechanism allows operators to easily collect samples from any chosen source.


Dimensions (w x h x d):
740mm x 420mm x 230mm
Standby Power Consumption:
35 Watt
AC Voltage source:
90-264 VAC / 47-63Hz
Weight of Tveskaeg Benchtop unit:
30 kg
Ingress Rating

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