Tveskaeg Benchtop Pump

The smart way to measure sodium content in snacks and food.

The unique Tveskaeg measurement technology is based on NMR. It is easy and efficient to operate.

Get rid of silver nitrate and other nasty chemicals. Tveskaeg uses no reagents to perform its measurements, while maintaining high accuracy and precision.


Reliable and cost effective!

Since magnetic resonance is a wireless technology, no consumables are used, and the actual sensor probe never touches the media. These facts make Tveskaeg Benchtop Pump a reliable and cost effective sensor. Using Tveskaeg Benchtop Pump is easy and simple. Our new re-designed user interface means anyone can operate the equipment without instructions or supervision. An intuitive sample mechanism makes it easy for the operator to grab a sample from a chosen source.
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Precision Sodium analyser for snacks, sauces, liquids and food

  • Accurate and fast sodium measurement
  • 1 min. measurement time: 8ppm (σ)
  • 1 hour measurement time: 1 ppm (σ)
  • Measurement results unaffected by sample matrix effects
  • No chemicals or reagents required
  • Easy to use
  • Robust build for factory environment
  • Require minimal maintenance and no re-calibration


Dimensions (w x h x d):
380mm x 420mm x 230mm
Average power consumption:
200 Watt
AC Voltage source:
90-264 VAC / 47-63Hz
Weight of Tveskaeg Benchtop unit:
30 Kg
NMR sample chamber inner diameter:

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