June 18, 2024
June 19, 2024

Direct Lithium Extraction - Denham

Denham Grove Hotel, Tilehouse Lane, Denham, England

Welcome to the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024, where ingenuity converges with sustainability at the forefront of lithium production innovation! This summit serves as a nexus for forward-thinking experts and industry pioneers dedicated to charting the course for the future of large-scale lithium extraction. Join us for a transformative exploration of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and collaborative solutions shaping the landscape of the lithium industry.

The Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024 is born out of a shared dedication to revolutionize the landscape of large-scale lithium production. In the era of advancing extraction technologies, we found ourselves on the cusp of a transformative shift towards sustainable and efficient lithium extraction methods. This summit is our proactive response to the critical need for a collaborative platform, bringing together visionaries, industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders to delve into, discuss, and push the boundaries of direct lithium extraction.

Save the date for June 18-19 in the UK, where we assemble leaders from across the industry with a collective goal — steering the transition towards creating a more resilient and abundant lithium supply chain for future generations. Be part of this pivotal gathering as we collectively shape the future of large-scale lithium production.

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