May 13, 2024
May 14, 2024

Direct Lithium Extraction Argentina 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Welcome to the Direct Lithium Extraction Argentina 2024 Exhibition & Conference, the leading trade show for showcasing cutting-edge innovations in lithium extraction technologies. This event brings together industry experts from the oil & gas, electric vehicles, and geothermal energy sectors, providing a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with leaders at the forefront of extracting lithium from brine resources.

As the global lithium industry uses conventional processes, it faces challenges from soil degradation, water shortages, and global warming. These challenges intensify, driven by the growing demand for lithium batteries, prompting the industry to seek more sustainable lithium production.

Next-gen lithium extraction processes offer solutions to the current challenges, reducing production timelines, water and reagent usage, and decreasing reliance on mining sites and evaporation ponds. By utilising continental, seawater, geothermal, and oilfield brines, these advancements provide a sustainable and efficient approach to meet the growing demand for lithium.

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