Chlorine Analysis with Tveskaeg NMR Technology

Chlorine Analysis: Precision, Speed, and Sustainability

In the modern industrial landscape, accurate and rapid chlorine analysis is paramount. From ensuring the safety of our water supplies to optimizing various production processes, the need for precise chlorine measurements has never been more critical. NanoNord's Tveskaeg NMR technology offers an unparalleled solution.

Why Measure Chlorine?

Chlorine is a vital element in various industries. Its presence, whether desired or undesired, can significantly impact the quality, safety, and efficiency of products and processes. Accurate chlorine measurements are essential for:

  • Ensuring water safety in desalination and wastewater treatment.
  • Monitoring and controlling production processes in the food and beverage industry.
  • Guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of nuclear cooling systems.

Tveskaeg NMR: The Future of Chlorine Analysis

Quick Results for Real-time Decisions:
With Tveskaeg NMR, you no longer have to wait for prolonged lab results. Our technology delivers rapid chlorine measurements, enabling industries to make real-time decisions that optimize processes and ensure product quality.

Unmatched Accuracy:
Precision is at the heart of Tveskaeg NMR. Our technology surpasses traditional methods, ensuring that you have the most accurate chlorine data at your fingertips.

User-friendly Experience:
Gone are the days of complex procedures and extensive training. Tveskaeg NMR is designed for ease of use, allowing operators at all levels to obtain accurate chlorine measurements effortlessly.

Low Maintenance, High Reliability:
Built for the rigors of the industrial environment, Tveskaeg NMR is a robust and reliable solution. With minimal maintenance requirements and backed by NanoNord's full-service support, you can trust our technology to deliver consistent results day in and day out.

Eco-friendly Choice:
In line with NanoNord's commitment to sustainability, Tveskaeg NMR is a green technology. By eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals in chlorine analysis, we're helping industries reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Applications of Chlorine Analysis with Tveskaeg NMR

  • Water Treatment: Ensure the safety and quality of water by monitoring chlorine levels in desalination plants and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Food and Beverage: Optimize production processes by accurately measuring chlorine levels in various food products and beverages.
  • Nuclear Energy: Guarantee the efficiency and safety of nuclear cooling systems by monitoring chlorine concentrations.


In a world where precision, speed, and sustainability are paramount, NanoNord's Tveskaeg NMR technology stands out as the gold standard for chlorine analysis. Join the revolution and experience the future of chlorine measurements today.

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Based on 20+ years of R&D, NanoNord’s Tveskaeg NMR Technology brings lab precision to production lines, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals and offering unmatched accuracy. Serving industries from food and beverages to energy and agriculture, we are committed to making industrial processes more efficient, sustainable, and data-driven.

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