Wastewater NH3/NH4, Orto-P and Total-P Monitoring

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In the modern age, the importance of monitoring and treating wastewater has never been more critical. As industries expand and urban areas grow, the need for accurate, real-time data on wastewater components becomes paramount. NanoNord's Tveskaeg NMR technology offers a revolutionary solution for NH3/NH4, Orto-P, and Total-P monitoring in wastewater, ensuring a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

Why Monitor NH3/NH4, Orto-P, and Total-P in Wastewater?

  1. Environmental Protection: Excessive amounts of these compounds can lead to eutrophication, causing harm to aquatic ecosystems.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Many regions have strict regulations on the permissible levels of these compounds in wastewater.
  3. Optimized Treatment Processes: Real-time data allows for immediate adjustments, ensuring efficient treatment processes.

Benefits of Using Tveskaeg NMR Technology for Wastewater Monitoring

  • Quick Results: Make real-time decisions with immediate data on NH3/NH4, Orto-P, and Total-P levels.
  • High Accuracy: Our technology offers lab precision, ensuring the most accurate results for your wastewater monitoring needs.
  • Easy-to-Use: With a user-friendly interface, even complex measurements become straightforward.
  • Reliable Equipment: Built for the industrial environment, our analyzers are durable and dependable.
  • Green Technology: By choosing NanoNord, you're opting for a solution that reduces your carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals.


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants: Ensure treated water meets regulatory standards and is safe for release into the environment.
  • Industrial Wastewater Monitoring: From manufacturing to agriculture, monitor and treat wastewater before it reaches municipal systems.
  • Research & Development: Scientists and researchers can gain valuable insights into wastewater components and their effects on the environment.

Why Choose NanoNord's Tveskaeg NMR Technology?

Over two decades of research and development have culminated in the Tveskaeg NMR technology, a game-changer in the field of wastewater monitoring. With a track record of success in various industries, from food and beverage to nuclear energy, our technology is trusted by leading organizations worldwide.

In the realm of wastewater, the Tveskaeg NMR technology stands out as the premier choice for NH3/NH4, Orto-P, and Total-P monitoring. Say goodbye to hazardous chemicals, labor-intensive processes, and inaccurate data. Embrace the future with NanoNord.

Choose NanoNord's Tveskaeg NMR technology for unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability in wastewater monitoring. Together, let's create a cleaner, safer world.

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Based on 20+ years of R&D, NanoNord’s Tveskaeg NMR Technology brings lab precision to production lines, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals and offering unmatched accuracy. Serving industries from food and beverages to energy and agriculture, we are committed to making industrial processes more efficient, sustainable, and data-driven.

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