The revolutionary Tveskaeg from NanoNord is the world’s first NMR online sensor for measuring Nitrate, Nitrite, ammonium, and much more in sewage sludge or any other water mixture.

  • Can measure many different compounds
  • Reliable analysis
  • Automatic lifetime calibration
  • No consumables
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low TCO

The new measuring sensation

Tveskaeg is the world’s first online sensor to use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, which is a versatile, reliable and thus highly valuable tool for analyzing a wide range of water mixtures. The sensor makes ultra precise quantitative measurements of NMR sensitive isotopes. This enables for example increased efficiency of biogas production process via optimized process control.

Gamechanging technology

Established methods of water analysis often include either an optical window or a sample pre-treatment system, which generally requires routine maintenance and the use of chemicals. Tveskaeg is uniquely designed to make it safer, simpler and much less time consuming to measure water and waste water systems. The sample never comes into direct contact with the detector, which means that the sensors do not degrade over time as seen in other systems.

Download Tveskaeg brochure (PDF).

Measurable results

Many factors make Tveskaeg the optimum tool for water analysis. Not only are you ensured precise and reliable results; the minimal maintenance requirements also means an optimized workflow and significantly less man hours wasted on sample extraction, routine maintenance etc. Thus, the overall cost of an NMR-based system is significantly lower than other technological solutions.


Tveskaeg Specifications

Dimensions without external valves (w x h x d): 740mm x 770mm x 250mm
Dimensions with external valves (w x h x d): 910mm x 770mm x 250mm
Power consumption peak including internal heating: 500 Watt
Average power consumption without heating: 100 Watt
AC Voltage source: 90-264 VAC / 47-63Hz, optional 24VDC
Weight of Tveskaeg unit: 70 Kg
Auto clean/calibration source: Ordinary quality tap water
Auto clean/calibration water consumption: < 1 litre/h
Ingress protection marking: IP54
Emission and immunity: IEC61326
Recommended routine service at 24 months: Change off pump piston seals
External environment temperature: 5 to 50 degrees Celsius
Clean/measure water pipe (cut rings included): 12mm outer diameter Teflon
Measure water quality: sea, fresh, sewage, slurry: <20% dry matter, particles < 5mm diameter
Recommended clean/measure pipe inner diameter: ¼” to 8 mm.
Maximum recommended length of measure water pipe: 5 meter
Measure water maximum transport speed: 0.6 m/s
TCP/IP Modbus: master/slave mode
TCP/IP Web server: for access/replication of local screen contents
RS485 galvanic separated output: for specialized PLC output data.
Parameter outputs: 2 galvanic separated 4-20 mA (0-24 mA) parameter outputs
Relay output: NC/NO Error state Relay output
NMR isotope range relative to Hydrogen: 4 % to 102%
NMR any isotope reproducibility (@ s/n>= 1000): 3.0 %
NMR any isotope repeatability (@ s/n >= 1000): 1.5 %
NMR time measurement scans average range: 100 microseconds to 3 Months
NMR noise limits each scan bandwith: As a 50 ohm source @ selected

Tveskaeg Lab

Tveskaeg is also available in a version for Lab use.


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