About NanoNord

We specialize in the development of real-time, online oil and water analysis for an array of industries.

About NanoNord

NanoNord A/S is a Danish, privately owned company with unique and strong bonds to the world of science and university research. We specialize in the development of real-time, online oil and water analysis systems for an array of industries.

From Bluetooth™ to Tveskaeg

NanoNord was founded by owner and CEO Ole Jensen. Ole previously founded the company Digianswer, who were the first in the world to introduce the revolutionary Bluetooth™ technology. NanoNord first launched the product Catguard, which was the world’s first device using the NMR technology to measure catfines in heavy fuel oil. The latest product to be introduced is Tveskaeg, which like its predecessor uses the NMR technology. And, like Bluetooth, is named after a famed Danish king.

New standards in measuring

At the heart of NanoNord is the revolutionary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, which radically changes the game for water and fuel analysis. The self-calibrating NMR sensors require minimum maintenance and offer reliable and precise measuring that is yet unparalleled.

Our products are the results of years of extensive research, testing and close collaboration with universities, businesses and research institutes such as the Nano science center iNano at Aarhus University to whom we have strong ties.

The environmental aspect

NMR technology-based measuring is not just about optimizing processes and lowering costs for businesses; by optimizing wastewater processing we also make a big contribution toward reducing the environmental impact of the processing industry. Many wastewater plants already convert sewage sludge into biogas, but the missing knowledge and insufficient equipment is decreasing the efficiency. Using the NMR technology we can optimize the biogas production significantly and minimize resource waste.